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"A Healthy Breakthrough in Skin Rejuvenation"

At Plastic Surgical Arts, we are dedicated to offering our patients the most effective, natural skin care products. Our products are deliberately free of harmful chemical additives such as color or fragrant agents that are used to make products look good, feel good or smell better. Our products contain only the active ingredients. Read our label ingredients and you will see the difference! RPSA product were specifically designed with our patients in mind, to pre-treat and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.


Eyebrow permanent cosmetics before photo. Eyebrow permanent cosmetics after photo.
Permanent eyebrow cosmetic before photo Permanent eyebrow cosmetic after photo.


Permanent eyeliner before photo Permanent eyeliner after photo
Eyeliner permanent cosmetics before photo Eyeliner permanent cosmetics after photo


Permanent lipliner before photo Permanent lipliner after photo.

Acne Skin / Acne Prone

Acne Skin is genetic, but there are many factors that contribute to the severity of this type of acne, such as over productive sebaceous oil glands, epidermal shedding dysfunction, environmental pollution, stress,hormonal surge & diet.



Out of balance hormones
Too much sebum production
Cellular shedding
Genetic predisposition
Weak pore walls
Bacterial invasion

Our Products

Plastic Surgical Arts anti Aging Products Plastic Surgical Arts anti agining moisturizer
Anti - Age Products

- COQ Toner & Cream
- Vitamin like
- Reduces Wrinkles
- Helps Prevent Fine Lines
- Helps Repair
- Moisturizes & Soothes
- Tone & Repairs
Anti - Aging Moisturizer

- Hyaluronic Acid Cream & Serum
- Hydrates & Softens
- Decreases Wrinkles
- Healing Properties
- Repairs Tissue
Plastic Surgical Arts Aging & Acne Skin Cleanser Plastic Surgical Arts Sensitive Skin Cleanser
Aging & Acne Skin Cleanser

- Alpha Hydroxyl Foaming Cleanser
- Gentle Exfoliates
- Form of Glycolic Acid
- Soothing
- Softens Skins
Sensitive Skin Cleasner

- Rose Hip Soap & Rose Hip Foamer
- Natural with Essential Oils and Minerals
- Excellent for Rosacea
Vitamin C Doctor performing microdermabrasion on a patient.
Vitamin C

- Anti - Aging Productr
- Neutralizes Wrinkle
- Firms The Skin & Counteract "Crow Feet" & Puffiness Around Eyes
- Reduces Pigmented Lesions

Literally sands off dead cells from the top layer of skin. This helps improve scars, acne, and hyperpigmentation.
Plastic Surgical Arts All In One Cream Patient during a chemical peel procedure.
"All in one Cream" - Most Powerful Anti-Aging Cream

- Co Q10, Hydrates, Regenerates
- Retina A-Vitamin, Increase New Cell Growth
- Vitamin E-Protects
- Alpha Lipoic Acid-Stops Destruction of Collagen
- DMAE-Protects Cells Face Lifting Qualities
Chemical Peels

Alpha hyrodxy acid(AHA) peels are used to exfoliate and loose the " glue" that binds dead cells to the skin surface. These can improve acne, fine lines and Rosacea.
Plastic Surgical Arts BOTOX in a bottle. Plastic Surgical Arts Triple Whitening Serum
Botox in A Bottle

- Hexapeptide-Reduces Wrinkles by 50%
- Prevents The Formation of New Lines
- Relaxes The Muscle
- Minimizes Depth of Lines
Nothing Works Better for Ladies with Dark Spots than Our New Triple Whitening Serum

Red Tea Laser skin treatment
Red Tea Serum

- Contains Alpha & Hydroxy Acids & Zinc
- Antioxidant-Prevents Sun and Pollution Damages
- Provides Healing
- Controls Skin Irritation
Check out our new Laser Treatments

- We can treat all skin types. This laser will provide a complete skin rejuvenation by treating for fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, vascular areas, acne scars, and hair removal. Most patients require 3-6 treatments. You can return to normal activities following treatments.

Supplements: Conditioning Solution and Conditioning Gel
Retin A
Salcyic Acid(Alpha Hydroxyl acid)


Sensitive Skin / Dry / Dehydrated Skin

Sensitive or Intolerant Skin is hereditary or an acquired sensitivity that includes rosacea and a tendency to develop immediate allergic reactions to substances coming in contact with the skin such as environmental stress, fragrances, preservatives and allergies to certain topical. Sensitive or Intolerant Skin exhibits inflammatory behavior from mild too severe.



Heredity sensitization
Seborrheic Dermatitis
Contact Dermatitis
Polysensitive skin

Acquired sensitization
Sun,wind, cold, pollution

Liz Fossum BSN,RN
Plastic Surgery Nurse Specialist & Aesthetic Skin Care Consultant

Our skin care consultant Liz Fossum, is our registered nurse with for over 33 years of experience. She has advanced educational training in plastic & reconstructive surgery as well as skin care. For a complimentary consultation call Liz at 913-338-5600 or e mail her


Skin Care Treatments

Advanced Acne Care

Kansas City-2001


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Facial Fillers




Biomedic Training

Peels and product training
Kansas City-2003

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Fractional Skin Resurfacing,
Pixel, Fraxel, Scition 2008

2008 Advance Botox Training

Laser Certification Class

Hair Removal
Nlite- for collagen regeneration
Kansas City-2001
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American Cancer Society

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